• Earth’s Geomagnetic Pole Reversal

  • Альбиносы. Продолжение. Животные.

  •        Positive Energy Radiator is an electronic photo frame with copyrighted photos taken by the author Alevetdinov V.M. There are fragments of nature that surrounds us starting from flowers and plants and ending with picturesque views of landscapes.  The photos with various sceneries of the sea, the sky, the dawn and the sunset, macro compositions of different insects and animals are saved on a 1G SD memory card or a USB flash drive installed in the photo frame. The frame is constantly repeating all the photos every 3/10/15/30/60/300/900 or 3600 seconds depending on the technical characteristics of the frame. The size of the frame can differ depending on the environment where it will be placed. For example, for an office table a standard photo frame size is suggested as if you put a photo of a dear person on your working desk. For a wall it is better to choose bigger size.


            Positive Energy Radiator can be placed on your working desk, in the study, in the kitchen, in the office, in any place where you do not sleep. It is better to keep it in a place that is common for your eyes, but not in a bedroom.


            For instance, having your photo frame set for a 5 minute repeating regime none of the photos will be repeated twice in 2 days (42 hours). This gives a psychological effect and it helps to accumulate positive energy. You do not need to look at the photos all the time. Just set the frame to repeat photos no matter you look at them or not. Your eyes will be passing unconsciously the images to the brain. After some time (for every person this period differs) your vision will change:  you will start taking things easier than before. You will begin to take challenges and solve your problems more rationally than before. You will feel the negative energy goes away.



           Any negative consequences cannot be basically. It is similar to herbal medicine when the negative result cannot be basically, and is only either positive result, or a situation when the person special has not felt anything.



    1. To not establish the Radiator in a bedroom.

    2. On some very sensitive people the Radiator operates as the activator of memoirs, what the person does not want to recollect.


           Photographic products for reproduction in an electronic framework are executed about 26.06.2005 years for 05.10.2008 in remote areas of the Far East. (the Author of photographic products is Victor Aleveydinov)


          In the Radiator probably use of any other photographic products which have been individually picked up for reception of a positive effect of emotional improvement.


          Radiator of Positive Energy - a fine gift to the friend, the favorite person, the chief, the fellow worker.

    © 2008 Positive Energy Radiator  http://www.hbh.ru/ 

    © 2007 Photos, I made http://www.photo.hbh.ru/ 


               Probably the Radiator of positive energy is what did not suffice you earlier, that will help to replace medical preparations and harmful habits, will fill your life with new sensations of heat and harmony.


  • Earth’s Geomagnetic Pole Reversal

  • Альбиносы. Продолжение. Животные.