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  • Альбом под названием BATTLE FOR THE SUN
    — 6й студийный альбом группы Placebo
    — 1й с участием нового барабанщика Стива Форреста
    Релиз: 8 июня 2009
    1. Kitty Litter
    2. Ashtray Heart
    3. Battle For The Sun
    4. For What It's Worth
    5. Devil In The Details
    6. Bright Lights
    7. Speak In Tongues
    8. The Never-Ending Why
    9. Julien
    10. Happy You're Gone
    11. Breathe Underwater
    12. Come Undone
    13. Kings Of Medicine


    9 мая Великобритания Sheffield 02 Academy
    10 мая Великобритания Bournemouth Opera House
    12 мая Великобритания London 02 Shepherds Bush Empire
    29 мая Швеция Siesta
    31 мая Голландия Pinkpop
    5-7 июня Германия Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park
    12 июня Финляндия Provinssirock
    14 июня Шотландия Rock Ness
    20 июня Австрия Nova Rock
    21 июня Румыния Romexpo
    23 июня Турция Turkcell Kurucesme Arena
    27 июня Греция Greek Rockwave Festival
    1 июля Норвегия Quart Festival
    2 июля Бельгия Rock Werchter
    3 июля Франция Arras Festival
    5 июля Польша Heineken Opener
    6 июля Чехия Rock For People Festival
    10 июля Португалия Optimus Alive Festival
    11 июля Испания Bilbao Live Festival
    17 июля Италия Italia Wave Love Festival
    18 июля Италия Villafranca Castle
    19 июля Швейцария Moon and Stars festival
    7-9 августа Япония Summer Sonic festival
    12-17 августа Венгрия Sziget
    28 августа Великобритания Reading festival
    30 августа Великобритания Leeds festival

    Placebo Saved Themself

    Worn down by fatigue, the English band remained silent for three years. Leader Brian Molko explains it for the first time, before a new album coming out.

    Here comes Placebo again. The favorite British band of romantic teens, the one which found its biggest crowds in France where they sell thousands of albums and sell out Bercy's and Zénith's. Since "Meds", in 2006, the trio had not given any news. The next step comes with "Battle for the Sun", a sixth album, in stores June 8.

    A new album and a brand new Placebo, without forgetting their basics: melancholy, darkness, androgynous. An image incarnated by the leader, Brian Molko,, 36 years old, bilingual icon. Yesterday afternoon, just arriving in Paris, he gave us his very first interview. In French.

    Is it always special for you to come in France?
    Brian Molko. We feel at home. It's very natural. It is the country that welcomed us with arms wide open. We feel understood here, maybe because we can understand you as well. Growing up in Luxembourg, I was surrounded by French culture. I listened to RTL and heard Claude François, Téléphone, Indochine.

    You come here often?
    Yes. I was here in December for concerts to honor Gainsbourg and I began to write the new album here, I brought along a guitar, I spent a few months incognito. And when people think they recognize me, I speak German.

    But you were photographed with your son in Paris...
    It was quite a violent shock for me. If someone wants to take a picture of me by the pool with a beautiful girl, no problem. But pictures with my son, who asked for nothing, in a shit magazine, then, I'll attack.

    Do you have this kind of problems in England, where the band is not as known?
    No, English media are always out for fresh news. We're old for them, not trendy at all. They prefer Lily Allen. In London, I ride the subway. The only people who come up to me are tourists... French ones.

    Have you thought about writing songs in our language?
    Not really. We sang in French ("Protège-moi") but it was a translation Virginie Despentes. Writing in this language, for me, doesn't feel natural.

    Why this three years break?
    We were not having fun anymore. We were not a band, we were three people going to work. Everything was going to hell, we didn't speak to each other. Placebo was threatened. It wasn't a winning situation to keep going. We had no desire whatsoever to create together. We all began to write our own songs, not knowing if we would ever use them for the band or go on our own.

    You were just going out of the "Meds" era, which spoke about addiction, to drugs, to pills, to alcohol. Have you gone out of this?
    This record was very up close. We were looking at our issues with a microscope. Things calmed down during the tour. But with alcohol... it's always complicated. Day after day... the important thing is to fight, the title of the album "Battle for the Sun" is really a reference to that. There has been progress but it's not perfect. The dark side is part of me, even if I decide to run from it. The desire to change is the beginning of the battle. The drummer, Steve, did not want to take this next step. We then stayed together with Stefan, the bassist, and a new drummer, Steve Forrest, so that it would be fun and motivating again. And now, the real Placebo is back.

    (переводено he_wears_heels)

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  • 48 ЧАСОВ музыкального андеграунда / Evil Electro / Выбор очевиден!