• О коврах, гостиных и небедных овечках

  • Отчет о поездке в Абхазию в августе 2009 года. Часть 2.

  • Чёта все в сети разом об этом заговорили, но мало, кто видел, так што, вот:

    Там дальше в тексте сказано, што жених был в белом пинджаке, бежевой рубашке и в коричневых туфлях... Чёта как это не того, мне кажется. Невеста была уся в белом - прально, нечего изобретать велосипед.

    Лечит наложением рук.

    Э-э... это он им наверно чакры открывает - штоб с космосом было проще общаться и т.д.

     "Никомунидам". Да никому и нинада - оставь себе!

    Да, эти работники ЗАГСа иногда так затягивают церемонию, што ношки уже не держут.

     Билли держит в руках образец свово творчества.

    Я што хочу сказать... Пара была бы незаменима у нас на даче.

    This is how Hollywood star Robert Redford and his new German wife Sibylle Szaggars looked just minutes after their surprise wedding!

    They are the first photos of the secret ceremony in Hamburg, Germany – a BILD world exclusive.

    Sibylle is holding a picture painted by a child up to the camera, which features the newly weds with a flower between them as the sun shines down.

    A chain of red hearts hangs from Redford’s shoulders, and he and his bride are both wearing Indian prayer scarves.

    The couple had only invited 25 close friends and family members to the dream white wedding at 11.30am on Saturday at the Louis C. Jacob hotel in Hamburg.

    Robert Redford wore a white suit, a beige shirt and brown shoes, Sibylle a white knee-length dress with a floral top and white sandals. The bridal bouquet was in yellow and violet tones.

    In the St. Katharinen church, Minister Frank Engelbrecht first asked Redford whether he would take Sibylle to be his wife – “YES!” She soon followed, also saying yes.

    The couple then swapped rings. In the US, the wedding ring is worn on the left side – the side of the heart.

    Minister Engelbrecht solemnly declared Robert and Sibylle as man and wife, and blessed them.

    “Thy mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds. Thy righteousness is like the great mountains; thy judgements are a great deep – O LORD, thou preservest man and beast.” (Psalm 36, 5-6)

    This bible verse was chosen specifically for their wedding by ‘Bylle’ and ‘Bob’. It reflected once again the pair’s closeness to nature.

    The couple then planted a young lime tree in front of the Fьrst Bismarck Mьhle restaurant, which is 30km from Aumьmьhle and run by Sibylle’s ex-husband Carl-Heinz Szaggars. Following German tradition, they then sawed off a branch together.

    He looked rustic in blue jeans, a black shirt, white jacket and black glasses, while she dressed casually in white trousers, white blouse, white waistcoat and champagne-coloured pumps.

    They looked completely ordinary – no trace of any Hollywood dazzle!

    The film star and his German wife usually stay away from the frenzy of flashing cameras in the US, preferring wide fields rather than red carpets.

    In 1969, Redford bought a 43,000-hectare plot in Utah. He calls his unspoiled piece of country ‘Sundance’ after his most famous role in ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ (1969).

    They may make their home in Utah, but for Robert Redford and Sibylle Szaggers, Hamburg will always be their marriage host and home of their hearts.

    (from BILD)

  • О коврах, гостиных и небедных овечках

  • Отчет о поездке в Абхазию в августе 2009 года. Часть 2.